Zambia Open Community Schools

Zambia Open Community Schools (ZOCS):

Kondanani Zambia has found that the ZOCS is a credible and helpful aid organisation in Zambia, which undertakes the oversight of a large number of community schools in Zambia.

ZOCS trains the teachers on the job, the committees of management and ensures that the students complete the Year 7 examinations.

Kondanani Zambia prefers to work alongside ZOCS is because they ensure that the students in the greatest need have an opportunity for education. Students and their families do not have to pay fees, or uniform or school shoes fees to attend. Meaning that the even the poorest students can access an education in their village.

In 1996 there were approximately 25 community schools, now there are over 3,000.

Kondanani Zambia raises money which is given to ZOCS to distribute to projects and programs. For example:

– teacher education,

– construction of school buildings,

– the provision of solar power for community schools,

–  funding for income generation projects e.g. goats, pigs, chickens, fish farming

See the Chipo 4 Life catalogue for further information.

In 2012 two container loads of donated equipment for schools and income generation projects was sent to ZOCS for distribution to community schools.