August 2020 Newsletter – Kondanani Zambia News

Vale Mrs. Harriet Sianjibu-Miyato Sunrise: 21st July, 1951 Sunset: 4th August, 2020 It is with grieving hearts we are sad to inform you of the passing of ourvery dear friend Mrs. Harriet Sianjibu-Miyato in Lusaka on Tuesday 4th August. Harriet has been our inspiration and mentor since we first met in 1992 in Melbourne where… More

Uniting Church Banyule Network provides Scholarship for EDITH MWAULUKA  

For the love of teaching and serving vulnerable children in the community, Edith Mwauluka has been teaching voluntarily at Libuyungu Community School in Nkeyema District, Western-Province. Born on 2nd January, 1988, Edith has been teaching as a volunteer teacher at Libuyungu Community School for the past six (06) years. Ms. Mwauluka started teaching at Libuyungu in… More

Choma Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Organization(CADRO)

Choma Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Organization(CADRO) is a non-profit organization set up on the 13th of December 2018. Our main objective is to offer free help and support services to alcohol and drug addicts, their families and communities.  CADRO’s motto reads “from addiction to production “, a sentiment that strongly reflects its belief that every addicted person has… More

New pre-school to be built at Kalumbila

Kondanani Zambia is excited to share the news that a pre-school is to be built at Kalumbila, in North-West Zambia, 150 kilometres west of Solewezi, managed and supervised by our valued partners, Zambia Open Community Schools (ZOCS) The Kalumbila Centre of Excellence is a new site based in North-western Province of Zambia, where ZOCS intends… More

Letter from ZOCs

Dear Jenny and John, Greetings from ZOCS! On behalf of ZOCS Management, I would like to thank you sincerely for your timely response to our call for support for antiseptic aids for our communities. It is great to know there are always people out there looking out for the needs of others. I can assure… More

10 positive aspects of Zambia

1. Zambia is a country at peace – 41 years of independence without serious conflicts. Seventy-two tribes; seven major tribes; living in harmony; without ethnic clashes. Zambia is the envy of other African states! 2. Zambia is noted for hospitality – people who are friendly and welcoming, people who have received several hundred thousand refugees… More

Chipo for Life

Buying a Chipo for Life gift is simple and easy: this is how it all started… When Jenny & John Preston first visited the village of Kalalasaka in southern Zambia, the village headmen conferred Tonga names in them: John’s name is Milimo – meaning Worker, and Jenny’s name is Chipo – meaning Gift. Friend Nell… More

NEW INITIATIVE: Kaanga Community School

Mark Preston’s description of Kondanani Zambia’s first visit to Kaanga: “My wife Isabel and I had travelled to Gamela and Kalalusaka to monitor improvements at the villages with the ZOCS team and Mayor of Choma and he asked if we would mind diverting on the way back to Choma to visit a small village of… More

Kalasaka dressmaker Professor Mudenda given a 3 year bursary to Masuka High School

Kalasaka dressmaker Professor Mudenda given a 3 year bursary to Masuka High School, southern Zambia, to become a qualified community school teacher for Kalalasaka Community School Since Professor Mudenda graduated from UCZ CHODORT TRAINING COLLEGE 4 years ago, not only does he have a thriving business at Kalalasaka Village, he has also been teaching young people the… More

Village Chickens to create sustainable entreprenurial activities for rural Zambian villages

Vulnerable Zambian women given opportunity to raise healthy village chickens, following guide by AusAID Prof Robyn Alders; project funded through ZOCS by Kondanani Zambia Inc Kondanani Zambia (KZ) is funding a new project in Zambia, working with Zambia Open Community Schools Agricultural Consultant Simon Chiputa to introduce 5 women-led households to sustainable village chicken raising… More

Sustainable Entrepreneurship in Action – Fifty Goats

Have you ever seen true sustainable social entrepreneurship in action? I mean uncontrolled growth in the most difficult environment with the most minimal resources imaginable? I have, and I have called it fifty goats. Why fifty goats? Eight years ago, I joined a phone call with my parents and the executive director of ZOCs in… More