Mwabonwa means ‘Welcome!’
Kondanani means ‘Love One Another’

Our Mission is 

To ensure that a child, especially those disadvantaged in any way, can actualise their full human potential, realise their rights and experience what it means to be a human being fully alive

Kondanani Zambia Inc. is a registered charity in Australia that focuses on supporting Children who are Disabled, Orphan and Vulnerable  in Zambia.
Its founders, Jenny and John Preston, have been involved in Zambia since 1992.

Since 1996, Kondanani and its partners have shared in the provision of practical and financial support for the projects throughout Zambia, our projects include:

Developing the Kalalaska Village Community School

Support of the Vision of Hope Community School

Support of the Garden Compound Community School

Provision of Solar Power to Community Schools

Provision of clothing, school books, library books, carpentry tools, sewing machines, dressmaking materials and computers

Skills training for young people at Chodort Training Centre, Choma

Provision of student bursaries

Provision of food for schools’ feeding programs

Establishing the Bissell Farm Community School

Providing new and second hand hearing aids,  audiometers and hearing aid testing equipment for children to the Zambian National Association of the Hearing Impaired

Providing second hand spectacles to the Zambia Open Community Schools and the Lusaka Eye Hospital

Items We Have Urgent Need For Now

Hand sanitiser
Vital to help the reduction in the spread of COVID-19

New and second hand library, reference and school text books for up to year 9 level

Sewing Machines
Good second hand electric sewing machines, for women to develop their own tailoring business

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Proud Partners

For our communal goal of bringing a better future to children who are disabled, orphans and vulnerable, we are partnered with:

John and Jenny Preston (credit Carl Rainer 2022)