Chodort Training Centre

Jenny & John were introduced to Rev David Nixon by the Methodist Church of United Kingdom, in 2000. Kondanani Zambia has regularly visited CHODORT, also maintaining contact via email. John, Jenny, Mark, Isabel & Iris have built up a trusted partnership with CHODORT. One graduate of dressmaking is now completing his final year of high school, and will go on to teaching training.

KZ scholarships were introduced giving selected students from a number of Community Schools to train as carpenters, brick-makers, computer technicians, dressmakers & pattern makers, and in hospitality. At present we do not have a scholarship person attending CHODORT.

Cooking school for food preparation classes

What we do have is very exciting: through a GRANT from the Uniting Church Sammy Stamp Fund, we have been able to order a very large number of Feminine Hygiene kits to be made at CHODORT by the dressmaking students. The grant also included money for ZOCS workers to transport the feminine hygiene kits to community school and to sensitise girls to their use. It is hoped to replicate the project.