School Desk Project

This project is aimed at designing a standard desk for school children in schools around the world. Education is the basis for development in all countries and exams are just one part of community schools development.

Broken desks reused for seats for school

Many of the schools that Kondanani Zambia support are now developing to a point where they are able to run exams for Year 9 students but a lack of desks means it is difficult for the students to take part when they might need to sit on the floor.

Seats created by the students at Kaanga Community School Zambia
Make-shift seats in Kaanga Community School Zambia
Project to develop a standard school desk that can be manufactured all around the world

The main thing that we are focussing on is developing a design, a full set of drawings available to anyone as an open source project. These drawings will include all areas of detail including welding, pipe bending tool design, standard materials, painting that will be free to download.

We would also like to find a friendly fabrication workshop that would be interested in helping us work on the design and then to make the first prototype to test out both the manufacturing skills required, ease of manufacture and run through exact build specifications.

Any teachers that would like to put in ideas about what is actually needed in a design would be appreciated as well as CAD designers that could donate their time. We will be creating a GitHub to manage the design process.

Core areas for design

Locally manufactured

Availability of materials

Commonly used equipment

Let’s build something together.