The Millennium Development Goals

Kondanani Zambia Inc is committed to implement the Millennium Development Goals for all its projects:

  1. End Poverty and Hunger – Halve the number of people living on less than a $1 per day;
  2. Universal Education – Boys and girls everywhere to finish primary school;
  3. Gender Equality – Lift the rate of women’s education, wages and political representation;
  4. Child Health – Cut by two-thirds the number of kids who die before reaching five years of age;
  5. Maternal Health – Cut by three-quarters deaths related to child birth;
  6. Combat HIV/AIDS – Halt and reverse the spread of the disease;
  7. Enviromental Sustainability – Encourage green programs and protect the environment;
  8. Global Partnership– Lower barriers to trade, cut debt of poorest nations, improve access to technology.