Uniting Church Banyule Network provides Scholarship for EDITH MWAULUKA  

For the love of teaching and serving vulnerable children in the community, Edith Mwauluka has been teaching voluntarily at Libuyungu Community School in Nkeyema District, Western-Province.

Born on 2nd January, 1988, Edith has been teaching as a volunteer teacher at Libuyungu Community School for the past six (06) years.

Ms. Mwauluka started teaching at Libuyungu in 2015 when she realised that she could help vulnerable children in the community by letting her passion lead the way and make a difference especially after noticing children walked long distances to have access to education in that area.  

She has been teaching Grades one and four at the school and her efforts of teaching have in most cases been appreciated through gifts in kind- a bucket of maize, chickens and many other farm products that the parents contribute to support her activities at the school.

Two years ago, Mwauluka enrolled for a Primary Teacher diploma program through distance learning at Gideon Roberts, a private University. However, she could not continue with the studies as the little stipends received from parents in Libuyungu could not meet the University needs (fees and study materials). 

In a chat with ZOCS during the monitoring visit to the District and School, Mwauluka still shared about her deep desire to get trained from a recognised institution (University or College) saying undergoing training will help her enhance her teaching skills and ensure quality education is delivered to the OVC of Libuyungu.  Getting a University qualification will also place her at an advantage for possible recruitment by Government (being put on Government pay roll) while she continues serving at the same school.

Choma Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Organization(CADRO)

Choma Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Organization(CADRO) is a non-profit organization set up on the 13th of December 2018. Our main objective is to offer free help and support services to alcohol and drug addicts, their families and communities. 

CADRO’s motto reads “from addiction to production “, a sentiment that strongly reflects its belief that every addicted person has the potential to become productive given the appropriate help.


The most cardinal achievement that the organization has scored in the past two years is the setting up of a support group for recovering alcoholics which meets once every week. The support group uses the Twelve Steps of AA and it’s the first of its kind in this part of the country. A large component of the clients are from poor households who can’t afford private counselling. 


CADRO has started a unique project for recovering alcoholics which uses farming waste to make charcoal briquettes. This project has a great deal of importance because of the enormous amount of deforestation that has taken place over the years as our population and need for charcoal increased. This project is meant to empower our support group members with a source of income since unemployment is a huge problem in Zambia especially for those with the stigma of alcoholism.