New pre-school to be built at Kalumbila

Kondanani Zambia is excited to share the news that a pre-school is to be built at Kalumbila, in North-West Zambia, 150 kilometres west of Solewezi, managed and supervised by our valued partners, Zambia Open Community Schools (ZOCS)

Proposed Pre-school Centre at Kalumbila
Proposed Pre-school Centre at Kalumbila

The Kalumbila Centre of Excellence is a new site based in North-western Province of Zambia, where ZOCS intends to develop and promote a sustainable, all-inclusive learning environment for Children. This will include the provision of education services from Early Childhood Education (ECE) through Primary and Secondary School to vocational skills training. Kalumbila Centre of Excellence, is earmarked to serve as a Community hub from which various services including health, sport, nutrition and others, will be easy for learners and community members to access. Adults who’ve never had any opportunity for education, will also be able to access education.

Rationale for the Centre of Excellence

ZOCS believes that a holistic approach to raising the most vulnerable child is an answer to the current challenges of productive skills among the youths as well as the high levels of unemployment in the country. Once OVC (and all children and youths) are given an opportunity to not only to acquire knowledge but are also exposed to value based life skills and attain vocational skills, they obtain the power to correct their own behaviour and negotiate through life and to meet lifelong challenges ahead of them.  

The centre is just getting started after the Chief His Royal Highness Chief Mumena graciously gave ZOCS a 15 hector piece of land. This idea of the Centre of Excellence in Kalumbila was born from the initial visit to the Chief by the late ED Mrs. Harriet Sianjibu Miyato.  A follow up meeting was done that led to the acquisition of the land.

Jenny & John Preston were thrilled to have a ZOOM meeting with Ms Cleopatra Chona-Muma, Executive Director of ZOCS about the development of Kalumbila Centre of Excellence, and immediately conveyed the concept to the family of Richie, who whole-heartedly agreed to the building of a pre-school at Kalumbila; Richie had always hoped to be able to make a difference in Zambia, and prior to his death onn 9th. September, his hope-filled gift came to Kondanani Zambia’s account. Kalumbila is a newly developed mining area, inn north west Zambia, with no educational opportunities for Out of School Children;  

Our benefactor Richie
ZOCS team meeting with His Royal Highness Chief Mumena

In the picture from left: ZOCS Resource & Mobilisation Manager Mr.Pimmy Muzyamba, Education Standards Officer –Open and Distance Learning (ESO-ODL) for Solwezi Mr. Felix Luputa, ZOCS Executive Director Mrs Cleopatra Muma, His Royal Highness Chief Mumena, ZOCS Research & Advocacy Manager Ms. Petronella Sibeene and ZOCS Programmes Manager Ms. Regina Lialabi.