Kalasaka dressmaker Professor Mudenda given a 3 year bursary to Masuka High School

Kalasaka dressmaker Professor Mudenda given a 3 year bursary to Masuka High School, southern Zambia, to become a qualified community school teacher for Kalalasaka Community School

Since Professor Mudenda graduated from UCZ CHODORT TRAINING COLLEGE 4 years ago, not only does he have a thriving business at Kalalasaka Village, he has also been teaching young people the rudiments of pattern making and machine sewing, and helping Grade 2 pupils at the Community School. His commitment to fulfilling the trust placed in him in his 1 year training in Choma, has led the Preston family charity – Kondanani Zambia Inc – to find an avenue to give Professor the opportunity to further increase his education.

He has been awarded a 3-year bursary to study to Masuka Secondary College, which is close enough to Kalalasaka village for Professor to attend school, to study, and continue his dressmaking business.

Kondanani Zambia Inc has been committed for 20 years to working alongside ZOCS – Zambia Open Community Schools, Lusaka, Zambia, and its CEO Mrs Harriet Sianjibu Miyato. Mrs Miyato states:” I have monitored his performance since his CHODORT training, his commitment to his work is obvious, and he has been ready to do additional work of teaching Grade 2 learners, an indication that he is really determined to become a teacher, in his village of Kalalasaka.”

Cleopatra Chona-Muna, Research & Advocacy Manager at ZOCS says: “not only will he become a more skilful teacher, but the whole Kalalasaka community and learners will benefit; he is a determined person, and we have no doubt he will excel in his studies”.

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