Chipo for Life

Buying a Chipo for Life gift is simple and easy: this is how it all started…

When Jenny & John Preston first visited the village of Kalalasaka in southern Zambia, the village headmen conferred Tonga names in them: John’s name is Milimo – meaning Worker, and Jenny’s name is Chipo – meaning Gift. Friend Nell who designed the newsletter livery suggested we use the name Chipo to highlight that all the giving opportunities are intended to have ongoing effect on the lives of recipients.

For example the gift of goats is linked to a community management project whereby every 3rd progeny then goes to the next poorest household in a particular village.

Gifts of door or window frames will accelerate the building of a 3x 1 classroom for Kaanga Community School.

Each gift thus adds an extra dimension towards the opportunity for village children to flourish in life skills – including mathematics, reading & writing, history, health – food groups, hivaids, prevention of abuse, and local herbs and fruits.

If you are interested, please download this link and fill it in and send back to Kondanani Zambia.

The order form below can be printed out and sent to the email address shown.

Screenshot 2018-12-21 13.46.50

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