SAMMY Stamp donates $5,000 to ZOCs for feminine hygiene

The Uniting Church Australia’s Sammy Stamp group have donated AUD$5,000 to the great work being done with ZOCs in Zambia.

About Sammy Stamp

Sammy Stamp had a million reasons to celebrate this week after licking a major milestone.

Over its 41 years of operation, the Uniting Church Adult Fellowship (UCAF) fundraising group has amassed $1 million from selling donated stamps.

Impressively, $500,000 was raised in just the last 11 years.

Sammy Stamp’s Convenor Allan Clark thanked and acknowledged “the hundreds of volunteers and thousands of supporters all around Australia over the past 41 plus years who helped us reach this milestone.”

He said the stamp fund has allowed volunteers to feel a sense of “comradeship” while “helping people all over the world”.

The volunteers get together every Thursday morning at the Synod’s 130 Lt Collins St office to collect, trim, sort and package stamps for sale. The proceeds are donated to various projects, internationally and locally.

Sammy Stamp are always looking for more volunteers and, of course, more stamps. If you are interested in participating, contact Allan Clark on 9557 1008. More information here:

Letter from ZOCs

Dear Jenny and John,

Greetings from ZOCS!

On behalf of ZOCS Management, I would like to thank you sincerely for your timely response to our call for support for antiseptic aids for our communities. It is great to know there are always people out there looking out for the needs of others. I can assure you that, this donation will make a difference in the lives of many families in Zambia.

We have been praying for the COVID 19 situation to get better amid the raising number of people contracting the disease. Currently, there are 16 confirmed cases, but we are delighted that Government has put in place mechanisms for support and information sharing.

We will confirm receipt of funds as soon as it reflects in our accounts.

Once again, thank you for your unwavering support to ZOCS.

May God bless you always.

Kind regards,


Coronavirus in Zambia

ZOCS today addressed members of the press on the closure of schools following the corona virus pandemic that has caused panic world over. ZOCS welcomes the move by Government to close schools in an effort to prevent any spread of the Corona virus. However, we are concerned about the safety of our children given their vulnerability status. Water and Sanitation remain a huge concern in some communities where our children live. Our worry is their lack of purchasing power to get disinfectants needed for preventive measure. Therefore, we are calling on the Ministry of Health, other line ministries and other well-wishers to look into this issue as a matter of urgency. Support could come in form of purchasing or donating disinfectants, soap, etc.

Hand sanitiser

Help the current requirement to protect the children and vulnerable households in Zambian communities by donating a small amount towards the provision of hand sanitiser


Village Chickens to create sustainable entreprenurial activities for rural Zambian villages

Vulnerable Zambian women given opportunity to raise healthy village chickens, following guide by AusAID Prof Robyn Alders; project funded through ZOCS by Kondanani Zambia Inc

Kondanani Zambia (KZ) is funding a new project in Zambia, working with Zambia Open Community Schools Agricultural Consultant Simon Chiputa to introduce 5 women-led households to sustainable village chicken raising practices in the Mungule chiefdom. Simon will be assisting in enlarging the women’s understanding of chicken rearing, of health and disease management, of mating and breeding of chickens.

Chicken project Simon Chiputa

Improving poultry health improves production efficiency which contributes to food security and poverty alleviation, The egg provides a range of nutrients apart from protein that can make a substantial contribution to the nutrition of children and pregnant and nursing women.

Additionally, the women will learn the benefits of a 3-monthly vaccine to prevent the poultry from succumbing to Newcastle Disease. The vaccine, which does not need refrigeration, is the product of research carried out in Zambia by Assoc Prof Robyn Alders of Sydney University, Australia, in conjunction with veterinarians in Lusaka.

KZ hopes that, with effective monitoring, the project will be cost-effective and will be replicated in rural villages. The monitoring will be exploring ways that the vaccine can be administered for a reasonable fee, which in turn will provide a small living allowance for the vaccinator.

You can support the work of poultry health and production by donations to Kondanani Zambia on the Donate page of this website.