The following items are wanted for distribution to our Zambian Projects

1. Good Second hand Electric Sewing Machines for women to develop their own tailoring business. Several tons of sewing materials and sewing requisites.

2. New and good second hand clothes for children and adults as well as several thousand knitted singlets and jumpers for aids babies. Knitted blankets for grand mothers and children.

3. New and second hand library, reference and text books up to year 9 level for Community Schools.

4. New and good second hand carpentry hand tools for community schools and the Chodort Training Centre.

5. Good second hand PC and Laptop Computers with the following minimum specifications for internet browsing and Microsoft Office, Clipse – Intel Pentium 4 and above; CPU – 2.4GHz; Ram 512 Mb; Storage -minimum 40Gb and Operating System – Windows XP Service Pack 2.