Our latest project at Kondanani Zambia is the Chicken programme that will be initially piloted at the Mungale Farm by ZOCS:

Pair of Breeding Hens

Poultry are often the only livestock under the control of women. Improving poultry’s health improves production efficiency, which contributes to improved food security, and poverty alleviation. The egg provides a range of nutrients apart from protein that could make a substantial contribution to the nutrition of children and pregnant and nursing women. Villagers currently have limited understanding of chicken rearing, of disease, & health management, of mating and breeding chickens! Assoc Prof Robyn Alders received an AO in January for her work in increasing the health & productivity of village chickens in Africa & Asia. Her original vaccine was produced during her research in Zambia. Jenny & John Preston met Prof Alders, who gave introductions to her colleagues in Zambia. Mark & Isabel Preston, in August 2017, met Prof Alders’ colleagues, with Simon Chiputa, ZOCS Agricultural consultant, and the Village Chicken Pilot Project proposal came about. Villagers will be trained in routine health management involving vaccinations & pest controls, particularly Newcastle Disease.