Donate Now by

Sending a cheque made payable to:

“Kondanani Zambia Inc”. Mail to P.O. Box 336 Canterbury, 3126. Victoria, Australia.


Bank Transfer to:

Bendigo Bank, BSB 633-000 Account No 144757655

Alternative Giving Opportunities for 2011 and 2012

Why not consider one or more alternative Gifts for an Anniversary, Birthday, Event or a Special Celebration during the year?

DOVC =  Children who are Disabled, Oprhaned and Vulnerable.

*   Feed a child for a week at a Community School $12
*   Buy a Goat for a family in need $25
*   Provide a child with creative Artwork tools $25
*   Provide Teacher and pupils handbooks $55
*   Sponsorship for DOVC medical scheme (First Aid Training) $65
*   Pay for a Teacher for one month $155
*   Improving DOV child’s sleeping place $155
*   Provide Carpentry Tool Kit for student $200
*   Community School Feeding Program (cooking pots & Utensils) $1.300
*   Sports equipment per Community School per team of 18 students $2,550.00

A special gift card will be provided to the donor for each gift with information about the Project.

For all information relating to the financial support of children in Zambia, please Contact Rev Deacon Jenny or (Mr) John Preston by e-mail:  OR